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Infinity HR Launches Their 360 Solution with Infinity IT Consulting

It’s our mission to recruit the right person with the right mindset for the right job. Right now, we see a growing demand for IT skills due to global technological developments and digitization. In order to meet this demand now and in the future, we are expanding our business and launching Infinity IT Consulting.

Infinity HR Upgrades Their Team with Hanna Sundin to Meet Market Demand

During the last few years, the demand for IT competences has increased dramatically. To match this demand and embrace this growth opportunity, Infinity HR is expanding their team and bringing Hanna Sundin onboard as of September 2021. She will be acting as CEO for Infinity IT Consulting. Hanna has years of solid experience with IT consulting, and her unique competence – not to mention her drive and forward-thinking mindset – adds massive value to the company.

A Partnership Characterized by Flexible Communication

When HAYPP Group and its subsidiary Snusbolaget were ready to expand and open up a new warehouse in Stockholm, they found themselves in urgent need of new hires. Jonas Kolehmainen, Head of Logistics at HAYPP Group, was excited to continue his former collaboration with Infinity HR – a partnership based on flexible communication.

“The right attitude is vital”

My biggest motivations are to analyze people and project-manage in order to give our customers a true red carpet and thorough first-class experience, says Anton Fredriksson, Senior Recruiter at Infinity HR. Little did he know that playing the drums in his childhood band, Goatcheese One, would eventually lead to meeting future colleagues like Mårten Näsvall, COO at Infinity HR. Anton ended up leaving the drums behind in Sandviken to move to Stockholm where his true business adventure was beginning to unfold.

A Real Entrepreneur with a Passion for Development and Process Management

Born and raised in Sandviken, Mårten, with his deeply entrepreneurial mindset, was a key player in founding Infinity HR. He embraces digitization within the recruitment sector and is motivated by creating effective frameworks. Marten, as the COO and Senior Recruiter, brings team spirit and clear goals to Infinity HR day in and day out.

An Extensive Career Journey Characterized by Drive

Meet Emil Nilsson, the passionate CEO at the future-driven company Infinity HR. Emil has several years of experience as an entrepreneur under his belt –he is a true recruiting expert with a devotion to sales. He carries the company’s overall responsibility on his shoulders and feels primarily inspired in his role by the chance to meet new people. Nothing makes Emil more excited than when he meets companies with a truly unique culture – which, luckily for him, happens quite frequently in his role as a recruiter!

A Unique Recruiting Process with a Personal Focus

At the beginning of August, Niklas Söderberg, Malin Ekman, and Ulrika Eng were ready to take on their new roles at SES, Sponsoring & Event Service. Infinity HR was in charge of the recruiting – a job completed with enthusiasm, commitment, and engagement. All three candidates have reported to us that their interest in their current positions has increased as a result of the recruitment process thanks to Infinity HR.