An Extensive Career Journey Characterized by Drive

Meet Emil Nilsson, the passionate CEO at the future-driven company Infinity HR. Emil has several years of experience as an entrepreneur under his belt –he is a true recruiting expert with a devotion to sales. He carries the company’s overall responsibility on his shoulders and feels primarily inspired in his role by the chance to meet new people. Nothing makes Emil more excited than when he meets companies with a truly unique culture – which, luckily for him, happens quite frequently in his role as a recruiter!

Already as a teenager it was clear that Email was a true entrepreneur at heart. He sold golf balls in his hometown of Sandviken where Intersport was one of his biggest customers. At age 15, he was offered a job at Intersport, working a few extra hours while finishing high school. After completing school at the gymnasium and completing his military service, Emil was promoted to store manager at Intersport in Valbo. Two years later, he repeated his previous success at Intersport in Gävle. His career would take him to work with big brands like Nike and Peak Performance. Finally, he returned to work with Intersport when he was given the opportunity to open his own store in Barkarby – only to leave the company again to work in sales for Adidas.

– Sales has always been the common denominator in all my jobs. I have always enjoyed the wide diversity of company cultures and appreciated the responsibility that comes with staff management. Having experienced these strong company cultures is exactly what has led me to where I am today and given me a clear picture of what companies need recruiting-wise, Emil says.

Recruiting the Right Mindset

Emil founded Infinity HR together with Mårten Näsvall, who also has retail experience.

It’s vital to the company to recruit individuals who demonstrate the right mindset and, to Emil, this means the right person with the right mindset and someone with pure grit. Now, this doesn’t mean that the new hire will join having all the tools or the experience needed, but that the person is ready to meet any challenge thrown their way and has clear intentions to create positive working conditions for him/herself.

– When recruiting the right mindset, we often have to question the customer’s needs and create a new perspective. Many get stuck and don’t realize what is needed. They tend to take the easy road and just focus on getting the position filled. What motivates me is to be involved in how our customers can develop their business by recruiting the right mindset, Emil says.

Commitment Permeates Infinity HR

According to Emil, what fundamentally characterizes all employees at Infinity HR is their commitment and drive. They have a passion for the same types of questions and true interest in development. It is truly something that permeates the entire company as well as all of its projects. At the end of the day, it is about placing those people into jobs that are committed to creating progress and advancing a company’s goals. It is Emil’s career journey that has shaped his leadership skills, and it’s an exciting future that awaits Infinity HR.

– I am proud of the journey we’ve made so far and I look forward to developing the company even more within key areas like consulting, executive recruiting, and volume recruiting.

When Email is not working, he spends significant time behind the steering wheel driving his three kids to sports activities. He shares his wife’s enthusiasm for sports and, obviously, this appears to run in the family, with his kids being fond of hockey, football, gymnastics, and floorball.

Three Quick Questions to Emil Nilsson, CEO at Infinity HR

Hockey or football?

– I choose football, I love to watch football. Here in Sweden, AIK is my kind of team. When I was a young boy Peter Larsson gave me an AIK scarf and since then, I have been fully committed to the team.

What is a secret talent you possess?

– Nothing I can think of, but I’ve kept my Peak equipment from when I climbed Mont Blanc in 2006. Does that make me a mountain climber?

Ski or sun vacation?

– Ski vacation since I simply thrive in the mountains.