“The right attitude is vital”

My biggest motivations are to analyze people and project-manage in order to give our customers a true red carpet and thorough first-class experience, says Anton Fredriksson, Senior Recruiter at Infinity HR. Little did he know that playing the drums in his childhood band, Goatcheese One, would eventually lead to meeting future colleagues like Mårten Näsvall, COO at Infinity HR. Anton ended up leaving the drums behind in Sandviken to move to Stockholm where his true business adventure was beginning to unfold.

With a background in economics, Anton started his career in a large IT consultancy company. After a few years, he was given the opportunity to work exclusively with a more niched customer target group, working as a consultant within budgeting and forecasting solutions. Subsequently, HR clearly constituted his next career move. Anton has worked at Infinity HR since 2011 – and became one of the company co-founders in 2014.

– It always fascinated me to analyze people. I guess because I have a strong gut feeling that never proves me wrong, Anton says.

The Right Person with the Right Mindset for the Right Job

At Infinity HR, our goal is to recruit the right person with the right mindset for the right job. According to Anton, this means identifying those candidates who showcase the right attitude, energy, and pure grit toward their work. The right mindset is vital – in other words, we seek individuals who see opportunities and solutions rather than problems. This particular mentality permeates every aspect of Infinity HR, and it is what drives Anton in his day-to-day work.

– It’s an amazing feeling when we introduce candidates to our customers and see it all fall into place. What is obvious to us is a big win to our customers, and by sharing our expertise we’re giving our customers the best experience, Anton continues.

Anton takes the most pride in the more complex recruiting projects. One of his latest challenges as a Senior Recruiter was to recruit 104 different franchise-profiles for the energy company St1. Between April and June, Infinity HR managed to launch 80 stores for St1. It was a hugely successful project.

– This is Anton’s talent – to always see the bigger picture as a project manager. Something he has demonstrated successfully across multiple projects, Mårten, COO and Senior Recruiter at Infinity HR adds.

– We’ve already traveled far and now we know which way we wish to take to go further– big projects that allow us to grow and eventually expand by adding other business pillars, Anton says.

Business Development in Sight

When looking into the near future, the company is determined to develop its consulting area into one of the company’s key pillars. Infinity HR’s recruiting expertise and arena is already so well-established that Anton and his colleagues are confident that they can continue to expand. The three-year objective is to hire more people and grow the number of consultants which is possible thanks to the combination of skills that the team possesses.

In his spare time, Anton loves to cook and is especially inspired by Greek cuisine. Beyond that, he spends time with family and prioritizes sports. He has recently picked up a passion for hockey after many years of skating in Sandviken. He is always eager to play a round of tennis with his colleagues and loves skiing in the winter months.

Three Quick Questions to Anton Fredriksson, Senior Recruiter at Infinity HR

Are you a planner or do you embrace spontaneity?

– I love planned spontaneity, probably due to my background in economics and project management.

If you could become someone else for a day, who would that be?

– I would definitely be an early bird, spontaneous and forever positive –maybe Richard Branson?

Hockey or football?

– Hockey is near and dear to my heart, and Brynäs is the only team I support, apart from the national team. Also really cool to see the women’s team perform amazingly at the World Cup.