A Real Entrepreneur with a Passion for Development and Process Management

Born and raised in Sandviken, Mårten, with his deeply entrepreneurial mindset, was a key player in founding Infinity HR. He embraces digitization within the recruitment sector and is motivated by creating effective frameworks. Marten, as the COO and Senior Recruiter, brings team spirit and clear goals to Infinity HR day in and day out.

As a young man. Mårten moved to Stockholm to pursue his interests in nature and the study of geography and meteorology. However, shortly after he began to realize that deep down, he longed to work with people and decided to study Human Resources instead. After having worked within recruiting for many years, Mårten finally decided to start his own company – Infinity HR. He focused specifically on retail and drove many of the big processes for known brands like the hamburger chain MAX and City Gross.

– Previously we worked only with retail and store recruiting for a few retail companies. Now, we aim to broaden our customer base. We want to expand both the width and the type of customers and we strongly believe that we have the capacity to do so.
Today, we do just as many recruitments that are not retail-related, Mårten says.

Strong Team Players with the Right Attitude

Infinity HR has a clear company culture characterized by positivity, a strong mindset, and team spirit. The company is always looking for individual profiles who display substantial team skills. Knowing that this characteristic can be challenging to communicate through a resume, we believe that a candidate’s authentic motivation letter should be what guides their recruitment.

– If a candidate sends over a resume that matches the job skills in play, we will always book an interview session. Still, it is the personal motivation letter that catches our curiosity. I recommend that you as a new hire spend all your energy on the motivation letter in which you highlight which skills you possess and why you are a good match for the job, Mårten clarifies.

Mårten’s biggest passion is process work. Why? Because perfect processes simplify the ways to hire, to onboard a customer, and to recruit new candidates. Mårten describes the feeling of adding value when his customers are presented with new candidates they would otherwise never have found or reached out to. Due to his years of experience, Mårten has established an extensive network that he can draw up across his processes.

– My role is multifaceted and I find it just as exciting to read a resume as to lead a customer meeting. It is all part of running a company and it all motivates me, Mårten says.

Employer Branding

The future looks bright for Mårten and Infinity HR even though expansion also brings challenges

– but fun challenges! The current goal is to expand by adding more employees and more projects to the company. The new hires are meant to not only become involved in more Employer Branding work and larger projects for customers, but they will also offer up more services within consulting and sales.

– I am proud of the brands we work with and who choose to extend their collaboration year after year. Sometimes I have to pinch myself but clearly it is the result of hard work that has led to amazing customer relations and trust, Mårten elaborates.

When Mårten is not doing business, he likes to spend time with his family and friends. He is passionate about skiing and loves to take time off to travel to his cottage in Bruksvallarna where he recharges and finds inspiration, both during the winter and summer seasons. Sport has always been a big part of his life and so it is clearly from here that he draws his team spirit and grit that have shaped and continue to shape his work and the company.

Three Quick Questions to Mårten Näsvall, COO and Senior Recruiter at Infinity HR

Who or what would you bring to a desert island?

– I would bring Jonatan Unge and draft beer – at least it would be lots of fun.

Which do you prefer? Ski or sun vacation?

– I really like sun vacations but I have to go with skiing which is a big passion of mine, especially randonée!

Hockey or football?

– I prefer football, and I support AIK. Right now, the women’s team is performing brilliantly in the World Cup – amazing!