A Partnership Characterized by Flexible Communication

When HAYPP Group and its subsidiary Snusbolaget were ready to expand and open up a new warehouse in Stockholm, they found themselves in urgent need of new hires. Jonas Kolehmainen, Head of Logistics at HAYPP Group, was excited to continue his former collaboration with Infinity HR – a partnership based on flexible communication.

Solid Expertise within Logistics and Retail

HAYPP Group runs an e-commerce company in large parts of the world, the biggest markets being Sweden, Norway, and the United States. The company’s new warehouse is located in Sweden. Jonas has worked as Head of Logistics for two years and, with 20+ years of retail and logistics experience overall, he really knows his field.

“In my role at HAYPP I work with payment solutions, checkout solutions on all sites, delivery options, warehousing, purchasing and customer service. Furthermore, I have a seat in the management table and take part in the recruitment process – like the one we recently did with Infinity HR”, Jonas says.

A Smooth Partnership

Infinity HR was brought in from the start, hired to manage the entire recruitment process from beginning to end. According to Jonas, the complete process was characterized by high-quality delivery, amazing customer focus, and simple and flexible communication.

“I have used the company before in other contexts and I have always been very happy with their service. It was evident for me to bring them in again – the Infinity HR team is fast, smooth, and really easy to communicate with”, Jonas points out.


If you ask Jonas what he appreciates most about our partnership, he’ll say: The way Infinity HR puts customers first. They go the extra mile to get to know the customer’s needs and requirements in order to ensure successful and high-quality recruitment can be accomplished.

“They really get our business and company culture. I really appreciate all the time and soulful work they do to convert our needs into the perfect new hire. To me, that shows true presence and responsiveness. Our partnership has always been smooth and effortless – and deserves the highest score”, Jonas concludes.