It takes experience and skills to find the right team players. For us, it’s a simple game. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

Why Infinity HR?

There are no shortcuts to successful recruitment. We always strive to get to know all of our partners – in depth. That is what makes us unique. It takes determination, passion, and energy to achieve our ultimate goal: To find a perfect match, for both partners and candidates.

We endeavor to be your proactive HR partner by being thorough, critical, analytical, and bringing forward solid recommendations. Our approach to finding the right person with the right mindset is to reveal and believe in the individual behind the resume. We insist on interviewing a large portion of the candidates, which makes us a personal recruitment company with a large network to tap into!

Our Recruiting Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple and permeates everything we do. Unlike our competitors, we do not have a niched approach. Instead, we deliver across all industries. What stands out as the common denominator among our customers is their community-based and strong corporate culture. We believe in collaboration and teamwork – in fact, we embrace your company culture right from the start and succeed in interviewing your new hires while also capturing the experience you want to convey. In a nutshell, this is how we find the right person with the right mindset for the right job. Are you ready to find your right person?

Recruiting via Social Media

At Infinity HR we are a part of the match on all fronts. We make sure to not only connect with qualified candidates wherever they are across the digital landscape but also to leverage social media as a highly effective recruitment tool. It takes a strong digital presence to recruit from a society so focused on the online. By placing ads across a variety of social media channels, we position ourselves to reach key profiles with the right skills in specific geographic areas. We go the extra mile to find your next team player!

In fact, it’s a winning concept for both employees and potential hires when a company has a strong social media presence. Candidates love to get acquainted with their work place before applying. For you as a company, it is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your employer
brand’s online presence. Ambitious about your digital presence, but lacking the right competencies? Then we’d be more than happy to connect you to a Social Media expert at our partner agency, Vass Kommunikation. Teamwork at its best.